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Heriman born in Madagascar moved to France when he was fifteen. Since 2009 he is twerking his long-term work « Broken Mirror » spliced in different chapters, projects, mediums and residencies to make it merge. He is now "locked" in the Perchœir with hundreds of negatives, modular synthesizers, drums. His big dream is to create an art space in his hometown for the bunch of lonesome heroes.



Bebe is from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She recently graduated with her project | A mal tiempo buena cara | In bad times a good face ; a reflection on the transition period in Spain that followed after the dictator Francisco Franco passed away in 1975. The project looks more widely through the reconstruction of memory how society can cope with atrocity. The work is there for a combination between the fabricated and the more documentary image and investigates how forgetting became a political tool. In times of crisis which face should we trust ?

Camille was born in Marseille and lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. 

Her project ‘Call me Victoria’ is a visual archaeology that explores elements of memory, genealogy and exile. With the help of a psycho-genealogist Camille investigates out of focus and forgotten aspects of her family memory. This project is about emotional legacy ; it’s about a ritual passage which has left its signs, its marks, for future generations to witness but never live again.

Why abandon our roots on the border ? Children of exile, what will be our heritage ?




Ioana lives and works in Romania where she studied cinematography.

In photography Ioana is self taught in her long-term photography Post-Industrial Stories she documents the effects of deindustrialisation on Romania’s small mining towns. The project is aimed at capturing the atmosphere and the daily life from inside the community.

Tereza is Slovenian. She has been changing places from Ljubljana to Greece for nearly a decade and after to Paris -for a quest of a home while on the other side she was always urged by the necessity to move. Her project ‘Finding Stenli’ became a metaphor for her utopic search of a home ; in a forest in a river, at night and in all the creatures that were a part of the pack. She is a self-taught photographer, mostly using 35mm film.

Francesco lives and works in Livorno Italy. ‘There are as many ways to tell a story as there are to lie about it’. His project “Azimuths of Celestial Bodies” is a journey across the tales and personas that together formed the core of his family. The great wars that upset Europe during the last century are the common thread, the grim background and prime mover of the migrations that allowed the paths to intertwine.

Gareth is based between the UK and India. His current work ‘The Abysm’ is a book about regret. The onset of a life-threatening disease is the catalyst for an old man’s decent into himself, as he realizes he has not lived the life he wanted to live. Lost in a blizzard of historical indecision he walks the algid recesses of memory, asking himself only one thing. Why ?

Julie works and lives both in Belgium and the Netherlands. From an early age she had a fascination for space and time. For the series Beyond Time, she looked for how she could represent the idea of imaginary time in a photographic image, which is a snapshot, “a slice of time”. By experimenting with chemicals in the darkroom with her photographic prints, she found a way to make the bodies disappear (or appear) on the image (and in the cosmos). Simultaneously present and absent, coming and going. Everything is and nothing is, all at the same time. 

CLASS 2021 | 2022

Heriman Avy  

Bebe Blanco Agterberg 

Camille Carbonaro

Ioana Cirlig

Tereza Kozinc 

Francesco Levy

Gareth Phillips 

Julie Van Der Vaart



R2.0 Team | Ying Ang, Ilaria Crosta, Emilie Hudig, Fabrice Simondi 

RM Alumni | Anne-Lise Cornet, Gihan Tubbeh, Giovanni Presutti

Invited Master | Laura Serani, Teun Van Der Heijden