Reflexions 2.0 is a masterclass dedicated to the practice of contemporary photography that operates on the necessity of MULTI-DISCIPLINARY provocation in the work of photo artists. We have to ask, what is it that we want to say, why do we want/need to say it and how should we deliver such communications to the public.



Structured over a two year curriculum, free to attend based on scholarship as per the original structure of Reflexions Masterclass (2002 - 2012), R 2.0 calls upon a diverse community of artists, academics and masters to engage within a city location dictated by the hosting structure for that particular meeting. 

The Reflexions 2.0 masterclass consists of 4 meetings spread over a two year period, each hosted by different institutions. Each meeting includes five days of seminar that are made up of two days of portfolio reviews and three days of institutional work (IW).

The IW is a collective photographic work concerning the hosting institution,

carried out during the consecutive days after the reviews.

The institutions may make whatever use of a cultural nature they wish of the photographic material, but cannot use it for commercial purposes. In return for this work, the institutions’ patronage will cover room and board over the duration of the masterclass for the attendees.



Entrance is only by nominees, selections are open each two years. 

Nominees for the Masterclass are put forward by the R 2.0 directorial team, Reflexions Alumni and past Masters&Institutions.

Eight new students are selected by a jury consisting of

the R 2.0 team and Invited President, two Alumni and a Master Guest.